Welcome to HomeRun International

HomeRun International (HRI) is dedicated to providing new cutting-edge products from our Digital Showroom. We source revolutionary innovative products from every corner of the globe to satisfy savvy consumers worldwide. You are encouraged to check out (the HomeRun International website) this website frequently as our product line-up is constantly being updated with the “latest greatest” products, and you won’t want to miss a thing!

At HRI We run every product past “Grandma” to confirm it has value. Our Grandma test ensures that you get great value for any purchase you make! Modern technology allows us to cut out the middleman, offering better value than that of traditional retailing. Our main goal is for you to be satisfied as we believe in the power of “word-of-mouth” advertising and would love to have you sharing details with your friends.

Future of products, future of buying, future of our planet! HomeRun International contributes time and money to Charities and good causes dedicated to saving the environment. Our staff are encouraged to participate in earth-saving endeavors both in the office and in the community. We must protect Planet Earth since without it taking care of us, nothing else matters.