- HomeRun International - Social Responsibility-

Environment - Charity - Save the Planet

HomeRun International is serious about its responsibility as a corporate citizen to contribute to Society. While there are many worthwhile causes, our take is that if there is no planet, then nothing else matters. Our focus, therefore, is on supporting causes and Charities that protect the planet.

Focusing on Natural Ways to Help Strengthen Mother Nature

At HomeRun International we are focused on natural ways to strengthen Mother Nature with our corporate effort to use resources efficiently and support renewable power. Additionally, we provide on-going encouragement to our affiliates and staff to develop their environmental awareness and nourish Mother Earth.

Providing a Percentage of Sales to Charities Dedicated to Protecting the Planet

HomeRun Intenational contributes a percentage from each product sale to support environmentally friendly causes and Registered Charities that utilize near 100% of its received contributions to protect the planet. In addition, each Homerun International affiliated company is provided a method to set its own percentage of sales to be contributed to this important cause. Additionally, we also encourage all our suppliers and business partners to participate in this Save the Planet movement.

HRI is Driven to "Save the Planet" for our Children's Future!