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Firecracker SEO

Like a firecracker going off, the FireCracker SEO program is designed to maximize online exposure for any business. Firecracker SEO is an advanced software platform that will automate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure that your website and business will reach the far corners of the Globe, helping you to gain online traffic and sales. The Program includes two years of automated SEO service, as well as 12 monthly training sessions to help you improve your personal online marketing skills.

Retail Value Customer Preferred Pricing
$2,200 $1,600

Fabulous Food Club

Currently available in North America only. Save up to 70% on anything food-related; from your favourite fast food to the best restaurants, grocery stores, kitchen stuff, cook books, cooking classes etc. Buy at your local store or shop online. No matter what, you save money on anything food related. Included is a Savers PRO food Card (good at 57,000 locations), saving you an average of $610 on food, valid for 5 years! Note: Promotional tools also available.

Retail Value Customer Preferred Pricing
$2,200 $1,600

Savers Pro

Savings of an average of $1,747 per year from approximately 350,000 locations all over North America plus some international offerings. Valid for 5 years.

Name Locations Cards Customer Preferred Pricing Avg. Savings per Year
All Inclusive 350,000 25 $900 $1,747
Food Savings 57,000 60 $900 $610
Travel Savings 29,066 60 $900 $473
Entertainment 64,345 60 $900 $427
Shopping 89,000 60 $900 $329
Home & Family 82,000 60 $900 $683

Motor Vitamins

Like the body, a car works better on vitamins. You can increase your car’s mileage by approximately 100 to 150 km per tank. As a vegetable-based additive, it also helps protect the engine while extending its life. This highly recommended engine-reconditioning strategy helps to “Save the Planet” by reducing emissions by 85% or more. Easy to use with our “3, 2, 1 starter system”. One pack contains 20 pills. Available for both gasoline and diesel engines. As an added bonus, you get a Savers PRO Automotive Card (good at 30,000 locations), saving you an average of $335 on automotive services.

Quantity Retail Customer Preferred Pricing Total Savings
10 Pack $850 $748 12%
100 Pack $7,500 $5,625 25%

UltraLife Club

The ultimate vacation get-away, offering thousands of Resort properties worldwide. It includes major reduced prices on Resort properties without the large upfront cost that is normally required. No yearly maintenance, no blocked out dates, pay only when you go. Use as many "Resort Getaway Weeks" as you like per year.

Retail Value Customer Preferred Pricing
$2,500 $1,500


Gem-Cache Bars, which are wrapped in 22 karat Gold leaf, contain precious gemstone(s) along with an Independent Appraisal from an internationally recognized Gemstone Appraisal company. Select from a wide range of cuts, colors, clarity and carats. Embedded in the bar are high value precious gemstones; emeralds, rubies or sapphires.

Retail Purchase Value Customer Preferred Pricing Total Savings
Starting from $2,000 Starting from $1500 25%
Starting from $15000 Starting from $9000 40%