HRI Gem-Cache (Precious Gemstone Bars)

HRI offers Gem-Cache Bars containing high value precious Gemstones; Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires. Pick from a huge selection of certified precious Gemstones.

Gem-Cache are one-of-a-kind in a ¾” Bar with 22 carat real Gold leaf wrapped all the way around the edge. The actual Gemstone(s) is embedded in the Bar. The front shows the appraised dollar value and on the back is the certified independent appraisal detailing the cut, clarity, color and carat.

Customers receive a special rate of only 75% of the appraised retail value on all Gem-Cache purchases (25% off)

All purchases come with a no-cost-to-you “Certified Independent Appraisal”. HRI uses “The Jewellery Judge”, one of the most respected names in North America for independent jewelry appraisals, for appraisals of all Gemstones.

Note: Appraisals do not include the value of the Gem-Cache Bar nor its value as a collectible.

Independent Retail Appraisals

HomeRun International guarantees the value of its Gem-Cache by using an independent appraising company called “The Jewellery Judge” ( http://www.jewelleryjudge.ca/).

From “The Jewellery Judge” website:

“We don’t buy or sell jewellery.”

As credentialed appraisers, our documentation is complete and accurate, adhering to the highest standards of quality and ethics provided by our appraisal associations. Our industry affiliations provide the networking necessary to continuously research the market, assuring accurate values in our appraisals.

Each Jewelry Judge appraisal contains a minimum of the following documentation.

  • • The cover page contains the purpose and function, basis
      of value, certification statements and other pertinent
      information to the report in conformity with appraisal
      standards from our affiliations.
  • • The appraisal document accurately describes each item
      of jewellery in detail, including a digital photographic
      image of each piece.
  • • A grading report is provided for any major diamond
      above one carat.
  • • An addendum is provided, including basic treatment
      information and other pertinent technical grading


Registered Master Valuer, Accredited Appraiser

“Forensic Appraiser”

A highly respected member of the jewellery industry who has been actively involved in the jewellery business since 1978. Steven has worked in retail, wholesale and manufacturing facets of the jewellery industry.

Mr. Knight was the first person in Canada to obtain the Coloured Stone Grading degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Steven created a computer-assisted appraisal system which developed into the Jewellery Judge Appraisal Program used in several countries.

In 1998 Mr. Knight received his Registered Master Valuer and in 2000 his Accredited Appraiser CJI-APP.