-Motor Vitamins-


HRI offers Motor Vitamins that are safe for all engines. Use only one pill each time you fill your tank.

  • 100 kilometers and more per tank, EXTRA
  • 100% active ingredients
  • 100% biodegradable
  • 100% non-toxic
  • 100% vegetable based

I’d like to introduce you to our product, Motor Vitamins (MV). MV is a pill that is very easy to use. They are made of 100% active ingredients, biodegradable, non-toxic, and vegetable based. Safe to handle and user friendly, Motor Vitamins are convenient to use, cleaning up your engine, which allows your car run a lot more efficiently. In the late 70’s, the governments in North America mandated a change from leaded gasoline to unleaded. In the process of making gas unleaded, all natural cleaning agents are taken out. There was an extra cost, and therefore, there were no incentives to put those cleaning agents back in. With the absence of those cleaning agents, the engines got dirtier.

Benefits of Motor Vitamins

  • • Reduce fuel consumption by 15% to 25% or more when
      comparing similar driving conditions, saving you
      potentially thousands of dollars every year
  • • Reduce exhaust emissions by up to 85% or more; “Save
      the Planet” - an average driver normally generates 5,000
      to 20,000 pounds of pollution per year
  • • Increase the engine power in any vehicle; tested and
  • • Clean your engine for longer life, lower repairs and less
benefits of motor vitamin

Save Money by Using Motor Vitamins and Protect the Planet

You save money by using Motor Vitamins. This is an excellent product that gives you extra gas mileage while letting you know you’re doing your part for Mother Earth by keeping the air we breathe clean.
In addition to providing environmentally friendly products, HomeRun International supports Charities that help protect the Earth.

Works in any type of Vehicle

Motor Vitamins work for all kinds of vehicles; we have 2 types of pills, gasoline and diesel. A pill is good for any car or truck tank up to 100L, for 200L just use 2 pills. It’s safe for all engines, including heavy equipment, boats, large trucks, cars, etc. Motor Vitamins are also available in a large size for 18-wheelers. When you first use it, we suggest that you follow our 3-2-1 system. That’s 3 pills for first tank, 2 pills for your second tank, then 1 pill for each tank thereafter. You merely insert the pill at the end of the nozzle and it will stick like a gummy bear, then just place the nozzle in the gas tank. Multiple MVs for the first 2 fill-ups helps accelerate the cleaning of your engine, maximizing your ongoing fuel efficiency. By the time you finish your third tank, you too will notice a significant difference in the number of Kilometers per full tank. Motor Vitamins clean the engine on the inside so that it runs a lot more efficiently and will increase the life of any vehicle or gasoline operated machine. Overall there will be less repairs and maintenance required.

stop_emmission stop_emmission stop_emmission

Reduces Emissions

We can all agree that the weather is changing dramatically and the ice of the North Pole is melting. One of the reasons is because of the large amount of carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles and smog. You may believe newer car models generate less pollution than older models. However, that is not true! Many of the newer ones pollute more than the older models. A huge benefit of Motor Vitamins is they reduce vehicle emissions by up to 85%. Using them eliminates thousands of pounds of pollution as an average car normally generates 5,000 to 20,000 pounds of pollution per year.

If you look at cities like Beijing, China, there are days when they will even tell you to not go outside because it’s so bad. You literally can’t see across the street because of the smog. Also, people are increasingly suffering from asthma, cancer and other pollution-related diseases. I have a Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG with a 16 second button and when we started selling MV back in 2005, I had really no interest in putting it in my car. Did I need to save $10 or $15 in my tank? No. Was I overly concerned about the environment? No. But one day, I had to get the car washed and I noticed that the tailpipes were covered in soot since I hadn’t cleaned the tailpipes in quite a while. So, I tried to scrub them, but the soot wouldn’t come off. I took it to the dealership and they cleaned it up for me, but it took 40 minutes. I left there thinking, “geez that was like crazy. I wasted 40 minutes and they charged me for it.” So, I started using the MV to keep my car looking spotless as I am a successful business man. In the years to follow, the tailpipes stayed clean and never again got dirty. Over the years I have become very environmentally aware and was therefore pleased to note that the emissions were reduced to almost nothing.

Some countries mandate that vehicles have to pass an emissions test on a regular basis. Use of the Motor Vitamins as instructed will allow your vehicle to pass with no problem. A Canadian friend of mine, Dale Smith, had a Honda Civic (2001) with 300,000 Km plus on it and it needed to pass the emissions test. It had failed miserably in the previous years of tests and each time it cost him many hundreds of dollars to get the car cleaned up so it would pass. Again this year the car failed and my friend was told it would cost over $400 to get the car in shape so it would pass the test. Instead, Dale decided to use the Motor Vitamins following the 3-2-1 system instructions. It passed with flying colors.

Over the next few months, Dale became even more impressed with the MV as he noticed he was driving further on each tank of gas, getting better gas mileage. Needless to say, he has continued using the MVs and has become an advocate of them, promoting them to many people.

Increased Engine Power and more Benefits

Since your vehicle runs a lot cleaner, you will save because the gasoline filter will hardly ever need replacing; the filters don’t get clogged up with gunk, so they last longer. Engine power increases as well. It just gives any vehicle, new or old, large or small, a whole lot more of “oomph”. This has been tested and proven. The fuel consumption will reduce to 15% to 25% or more when comparing similar driving conditions, saving you or anyone you know thousands of dollars annually.

There’s this guy from Penticton BC. His name is Roland Martwig, and he owns a pest control business. The company has 12 pickup trucks, plus his personal vehicle. Using the Motor Vitamins, the company estimates they have been saving $4,000 a month in gas. My father started using the MV for his motor bike. The motor bike engine is only a 50cc because that’s the biggest you’re allowed to own in Bermuda where he lives. My father is a very large individual, and his wife is fairly large as well. With the two of them on it, the bike really bogs down. He also lives on a bit of a hill, so when he’s leaving the house, he almost has to do the Fred Flintstone thing and really push with his feet. Since the Motor Vitamins gave his engine more power, he no longer has to assist. Best of all, he only uses a quarter of a pill for every tank.

I know of another guy who has a really beat up old pickup truck. The truck’s engine was always having a hard time climbing hills and would make nasty sounds. After using MV, the truck could climb hills much easier, and he loves the extra gas mileage. As far as gas mileage goes, I had a 42’ RV, and I would put about three pills per tank and the RV would get almost 200 Km a tank extra.

The bottom line is Motor Vitamins work.

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